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Upload Audio Songs - Follow the steps below

  1. Open your email and start composing a new email.
  2. Enter the email address music@music.lk in the TO field.
  3. Type the song name and artist's name in the SUBJECT field.
  4. Attach the song in MP3 format with higher bit rate. Put song title and name of the artist as the file name.
  5. Attach some clear photos of the artist to create web banners
    • Put original high resolution photos with no text overlays
    • Horizontal images would be better
    • Do not put images created with several photos
  6. Type all details about the song as follows
    • Title of the song
    • Name of the artist(s)
    • All other contributers
      (Ex: musician, lyricist, composer etc.)
    • Release date
  7. Put required contact information
    • Contact number and email address of the ARTIST
    • Contact number and email address of the SENDER
  8. Put any additional instructions in your word.
  9. Click SEND...

It may take a COUPLE OF DAYS to publish your song...

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