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 Chimes of The 70 s , band was found in January 2009 by Rukshan Karunanayake  & Sohan Anuhas with the support of Mr. Devinda Karunanayake (an ardent fan of late Mr. Clarence Wijewardane) who occupies as the band manger. The main aim of establishing this band was to revive the golden sound of 70 s Sinhala Pop introduced by late & great Mr. Clarence Wijewardane. Since the establishment, band mainly focuses on creating new compositions which are mostly based on Sinhala pop genre, but has experimented on other genres like Alternative Rock, Semi Classical, Jazz, etc without being stick to a particular genre.  

The band underwent some changes in the lineup from time to time & the present line up of the band is Rukshan Karunanayake (Leader/Lead Guitarist/Lyricist/Melody maker/Music Director/Vocalist), Sohan Anuhas (Keyboards), Dilshan Wijesekara (Rhythm Guitarist), Chamara Jayarathne (Saxophonist), Chaminda Pushpakumara (Druumer), Isura Roshan (Bassist/Lead Vocalist), Udesha Karunanayake (Child Drummer), Nirmani Rathnasekera & Windya Peiris (Female Vocalists). By this time all of these members have been experts in accompanying for recordings. 

Now it has been more than a year for the band & they have done quite a lot for the sustainment of Sinhala Pop music. Also the band appreciates the guidance & appreciation received from the professional musicians for their success, specially the ex. members of bands like, Moonstones, Golden Chimes, and Super Golden Chimes who were the best during 70 s. For this short period,  Chimes of The 70 s  band has been associated in composing many new songs (more than 50 songs) which all are being music directed by their leader, Rukshan. 

By this time Rukshan has recorded two albums of overseas residing Sri Lankan artists namely, Nalin Jayawardena & Nimal Punchihewa. All the recordings of Chimes of The 70 s band are done at their own recording studio,  Studio Udeshan  & Rukshan is being the recording engineer. The album Nalin Jayawardena titled  Pata Pata Samanalayin  which consists of 18 songs will be released in July and the video of the song  Pata Pata Samanalayin  will also be released in near future. In addition to the original compositions of the band which are being sung by Isura, Nirmani & Windya, band has composed new songs under the music directions of Rukshan for artists such as Vernon Perera, Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilake, Ronnie Leache, Osanda Gamage, Sanduni Athulage & Eranga Jayanath. In addition to the lyrics penned by Rukshan, lyricists such as Vernon Perera, Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilake, Sunil Govinnage, Dr. Vicumpriya Perera, Sriya Kumarasinghe, Nalin Jayawardena, Chrisanthie De Fonseka, Dilup Patabedi, Nimal S Perera, Nimal Punchihewa, Latha Perera & Kalinga Weerakkody have involved in composing lyrics on these creations.

By the time  Chimes of The 70 s  is getting ready with their maiden concert in Colombo,  IMMORTAL HITS - Just For You  will be held on 31st July 2010 at 6.30 p.m. in the Bishop s College Auditorium and also putting the initial steps on creating their initial video for the song  Ma Sitiyath Thaniwee  

Finally,  Chimes of The 70 s band  pays their since gratitude to all the newspapers, medias, websites, well-wishers & fans for their immense support given for the success of the band and a special word of thanks to web music portal who have done a great job in promoting our music to the world.


Rukshan Karunanayake (Leader/Lead Guitarist/Lyricist/Melody maker/Music Director/Vocalist)

Born on 18th August 1992, Rukshan studied in Bandaranayake College - Gampaha. An ardent fan of  late great musician Mr. Clarence Wijewardane & lead guitar maestro Mr. Dixon Gunarathne was the main impression to enter music,. Very versatile lead guitarist. Founder of Chimes of The 70 s band & have composed & directed music for number of songs. 

Sohan Anuhas (Keyboardist/Pianist)

Born on 15th June1992, Sohan studies in Bandaranayake College - Gampaha & he is the keyboardist of the  Chimes of the 70 s   and as well as the co-founder of the band. Very talented keyboardist & has played keyboards for many recordings. He is also cable in playing brass wind instruments such as trumpet, saxophone etc. 

Dilshan Wijesekara (Rhythm Guitarist)

Born on 12th April 1992, Dilshan studies at Royal College - Colombo. Dilshan is the Rhythm Guitarist of the  Chimes of the 70 s  and follows the rhythm guitar playing style of Mr. Clarence Wijewardane. He is a very talented rhythm guitarist. 

Chamara Jayarathne (Saxophonist)

Born on 21st March 1992, Chamara studies in Bandaranayake College & he is the Saxophonist of the  Chimes of the 70 s and follows the saxophone playing style of late musician Mr. Stanley Peiris. Has a gifted talent on saxophone playing. 

Chaminda Pushpakumara (Drummer)

Born on 08th March 1992, Chaminda studied in Gajaba Vidyalaya - Gampaha & he is the Drummer of the  Chimes of the 70 s  and has been trained under Mr. Sri Kantha Dassanayake who played for The Super Golden Chimes. Very talented drummer & have accompanied for many recordings. 

Isura Roshan (Bass Guitarist/Lead Vocalist)

Born on 01st June 1992, Isura studies in Galahitiyawa Central College Ganemulla & he is the Bassist & the Lead Vocalist of the  Chimes of the 70 s and follows the bass guitar playing styles of guitarists like Mr. Conrad Gunaratne, Hussain Jiffry etc. A very talented singer & also capable in harmony singing as well. 

Udesha Karunanayake (Child Drummer)

Born on 18th December 2001, Udesha studies in Grade 04 at Gampaha Sri Sumedha College & he is the Child Drummer of the  Chimes of the 70 s and has been trained under Mr. Sri Kantha Dassanayake. Youngest drummer of Sri Lanka & has an inborn talent on drums playing. Also has played for some recordings as well. 

Nirmani Rathnasekera (Female Vocalist)

Born on 03rd November 1994, Nirmani studies in Miriswatte Keppatipola Vidyala & she is the Female Vocalist of the  Chimes of the 70 s and follows the singing style of 70 s.

Windya Peiris (Female Vocalist)

Born on 02nd March 1992, Windya hails from a musical family. She is the daughter of Mr. Wijith Peiris, a pioneer drummer in Sri Lanka who played for Moonstones & Golden Chimes during 60 s & 70 s. She is gifted with a very beautiful unique voice & capable of singing both Sinhalese & English songs & as well as talented in harmony singing as well. 

Devinda Karunanayake (Band Manager)

Devinda Karunanayake is the band manger of the Chimes of The 70 s band. An ardent fan of late great musician Mr. Clarence Wijewardane & has preserved all of his creations since last 35 years. 

Our original Compositions:

Haththewe Gee Nadaya - Sung by Isura & Composed by Rukshan
Ranabima Wetha Yanawa - Sung by Isura & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Nimal S Perera)
Bigunada Sawanata Mihiri - Sung by Isura & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Nimal S Perera)
Rajapakshe Uthumaneni - Sung by Isura & Nirmani & Composed by Rukshan
Pasal Giya Muldine - Sung by Isura & Composed by Rukshan
Ma Sitiyath Thaniwee - Sung by Windya & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Rev. Lakpriya de Silva)
Kiyu Kawi Gee -  sung by Nalin Jaywardena & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Dr. Vicumpriya Perera)
Nil Thana Piyase - sung by Vernon Perera & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Mrs. Sriya Kumarasinghe)
Itirupekta - sung by Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilaka & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Dr. Vicumpriya Perera)
Ulpath Wesila - sung by Isura & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Dr. Vicumpriya Perera)
Biya Nowan - sung by Osanda Gamage & Composed by Rukshan (Lyrics : Dr. Vicumpriya Perera)
18 new songs of Mr. Nalin Jayawardena & 12 new songs of Mr. Nimal Punchihewa which was recorded featuring  Chimes of The 70 s  band will be released in near future. 

Performances & Achievements:

Establishment of the band (January,2009)
Hold the first musical concert in Gampaha. Featured some popular 70 s artists like Indrani Perera, Vernon Perera, Sri Kantha Dassanayake etc. (March, 2009)
Initial 3 songs of the band were recorded at the Torana Recording Studio (May, 2009)
Presented the War heroes tribute song of the band titled  Ranabima Wetha Yanawa  to the Secretary  of Defence, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaskhe at the Ministry of Diffence (May, 2009)
Hold a session of music for the disabled war heroes at the Ranaviru Sevana, Ragama.
Performed at the  Fete de la Musique  (International Music Day) festival presented by the Alliance Francaise de Colombo (June, 2009)
Had the first television appearance on the  Music Factory  programme telecast on Derana TV (July, 2009)
Engaged in chorus singing on a song of film  Wehi Dawasa  (September, 2009)
Establishment of own recording studio titled  Studio Udeshan  (October, 2009)
Began the project of 12 songs for Nimal Punchihewa (Australia) - (December,2009)
Began the project of 18 songs for Nalin Jayawardena (Australia) - (December,2009)
Shoot the video for the song  Pata Pata Samanalayin  sung by Nalin Jayawardena (February, 2010)

Objectives :

Creating of new compositions on Sinhala POP music genre introduced by ever great musician late. Mr. Clarence Wijewardene.

Raising of funds for disabled & low income communities, IDPs, war heroes, hospital welfares, school welfares by holding musical concerts.

Cooperating with the concerts organized by schools & institutes.

Capabilities :

Providing music for concerts based on 70 s musical genre

Capable of composing new songs for both upcoming & experienced artists. 

Capable of composing music for commercial recordings, jingles, tele dramas & films, TV & radio productions etc. 

Services of Studio Udeshan :

16 track live simultaneous recording

Editing, Mixing & Mastering of audio


Rukshan Karunanayake
Band Leader
Tel : 077-9441883
E-mail :

Devinda Karunanayake
Band Manager
Tel : 077-6738859



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