After 17 years in music Dinesh Subasinghe is getting ready for his first movie release .
By now has done music for 7 Srilankan movies and he has been appointed for another 3 movies by Channa Perera, Lohitha Rajapaksha and Shaan Perera respectively.
He has also done music 39 teledramas,14 stage plays,5 documentaries, 10 musical tv and radio series, and released 4 solo cd albums at the moment 

on June 15th his second music direction Sihinaya Dige Enna  movie going to be relased as the first movie,
Sihinaya Dige Enna directed by veteran director Chandrathna Mapitigama,
Sihinaya Dige Enna movie debut production of Smantha Ranasinghe (sandaru films)

This is a musical movie based on the instrumental themes of violin and guitar.
Heroine Udari Warnakulasuriya performs as a violinist and hero Amila Abesekara plays as a guitarist.
The movie was filed in a exotic background at Bandarawella,
all the scenes of this movie is very colorful and its please the
viewers eye.

Though this film narrates a love story on the surface,it gives  a great message on ethnic issue of our country. This story is woven  around  a politician and his former fiance who is a businesswoman.she bought his holiday bunglaw and stayed in it to fight against him. In the meantime,her son falls in love with politicians daughter.when she got to know about this,conflict starts it ,turns to a thrilling end with suspense and drama.
The movie based on love, humanity and romance.  This is a real story against the hatred and violence and the movie team
spreads the message that we have to start promoting love, not the hate.
we have suffered 30 years with the hate, now this is the time to spread
something that touches our hearts, in this movie we have created a bridge for all casts and categories in this society.

The soundtrack of Sihinaya Dige Enna is composed by Dinesh. 
The film has 3 original songs followed by one remix in Tamil. 
It received a favourable review from Cinema Artist Channa Perera,and Sarasavi studio chief sound editor  Lional (SURNAME????) ,leading chorographer  Shaan Perera, with the author saying, the soundtrack is phenomenally and breathtakingly romantic. The smooth beats and hypnotic vocals are second to none, 
and very few soundtracks are as complete as this one.

Dinesh did a pivotal role for this movie with his music by bringing dynamic orchestrations and touching lovable melodies, some times its very simple, sometimes its romantic and touching, sometime its really rough
and he believes  his theme song Sihinaya Dige Enna  will be a catchy song for the audience,
he believes people will love it.

Dinesh and Chandrathna Mapigama has very deep understanding of their work because they have worked together in 12 teledramas and 3 movies and one documentary
Dinesh and mr.Mapitigama had a deep discussion and came to a 
solution for the heroine for the movie,

Udari Warnakulasuriya was a Great fan of Dineshs  ex band Dee R Cee members in 2005,
and she had a great interest on violin at that time.
Finally Dinesh and Mapitigama came to the point of  combining glamour, beauty, skill to mime the violin to the camera and the two directors decided Udari is the actress suite for this movie,

Dinesh went to the shooting set and did lots of hard work with Udari and Amila to present the instrumental scenes professionally.  I was very rough and rude to Udari while Im teaching he the techniques but in the end of the day every thing was counted well. it was a wonderful time of my life. I remember the good times spent together with Sanath Gunathilaka, Veena
Jayakoda, Amila, Udari,Pinpon,mr,Mapitigama,etc  - Dinesh says.

 We sang whole night, and started 
working in the morning . The weather, atmosphere the team spirit was awesome,
this is my first movie recording after launching my musical studio Digital line 
in Negombo with Ranushka Fernando.

In this movie Sirasa Superstar singer Dumal Warnakulasuriya set his foot to Srilankan cinema as a vocalist, Uresha Ravihari
was the female singer for this, Dinesh gave a chance to another new comer Kasun primal to sing in this movie, 
Some violin orchestra has been recorded in India . Dinesh was a student of A.R.Rahman and he gets the orchestral support from India to do his own scores.
Dinesh believes that he can bring an International sound to Srilanakan cinema.  He says politically we are developing country,
but musically we are all ready developed. The only problem is we are not organized.

I like to invite all the cinema lovers to come and enjoy this movie and listen to my musical sound ,
Im trying my best to bring the Bollywood and Hollywood sound to our movie.
I Humbly wanna say its easy for me, coz i have a big support from 
Srilankan symphony orchestral members and 
Indian musicians. I convert my emotion in to music,
then me and my friends work harder to give life to that .After a huge process it sounds nice
so i want to thank all my staff and crew and friends who were behind me in this process of creating music for movies.

I wanna request from all my fans please watch our Srilanakn movies
and give your strength to bring it up.

Dinesh has worked with Yanni video graphy team in there few projects so they and 
many international contributors of Wikipedia who met Dinesh in India
has stared a standard Wikipedia page for Dinesh Subasinghe and they have written about the Dineshs budhhist oratorio and the journey of Ravanahatha to many world pages,


and Dinesh has been selected
by Grammy Wining Joel Thomes orchestra of our time  to record his string quartet in New York, and
Dineshs score has been selected from 100 compositions from all over the world


 Dinesh has been selected to publish 
his music on a USA based internet radio show coordinate by 
Tina Rayan from Yanni videography team in June.
 I wanna say these are not very huge achievements as the other artists get. But for me I know Im coming up and slowly 
Im creating the path for a big one, and I was honourd to visit my school St.Peters college Colombo as Guest of Honor for peters ART festival last week
I wanna thank our Rev. father Trevis, and Asiri sir and Samantha Amarajewa sir and staff for giving me an honour in my own school.

These days Dinesh  is busy composing music for minister Reginauld Corrays debut teledrama directed by Joseph Jerom and he is composing music for  Cletus Mendis s debut movie direction Parapura
and few tele dramas for Plus one production house Sarangana, and Sansara Sakmana 

Dinesh is also  getting ready to appear on cinema screen as a actor, He has been invited by Lohitha Rajapaksha and chairmen Ashoka serasinghe to perform 
as a Ravans alien musician in the movie of Ravange Puthu



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